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TransplantFriends Hands of Life was designed by Linda Mate'

Please see our Art Page on this website

'TransplantBuddies For Life' By Linda M  designed for home page 2007

Help Keep Dreams Alive 'Give The Gift Of Life' Organ Donation by Linda M



'Fallen Angel' Linda M created this piece for her friend who received a transplant. Her friend is now with the Angels.


'Rapture' By Linda M


'Chooey' Linda M

 "Fierce Mothers"

 "When the Owl calls your name"

"Mystical Peace"

About Linda M

I have been interested in drawing, painting, and charcoal mediums for many years, but have just recently, in the past 3 years, really begun to create in earnest. My art is created in dreams before it is attempted on canvas or paper and inspired by some cultural beliefs depicted in some of the artwork in Native American form. These represent spiritual and totem stories based on many tribes. Some in respect of my own heritage in the Cherokee Nation influence. I am also fascinated with Fairies, Nature, and Animals. My final love is Angels, not so much in the spiritual sense,but the love of the beauty of wings and movement in heavenly form. I have done many personal portraits of both loved family pets, and people. If interested, feel free to contact me at

I am a vocalist, songwriter who has toured several times with rock groups in the 70's and 80's. I have also toured with an african band called African Rain, for 4 years working with grand master drummer Babatunde Oletunji where I learned to play the djembe drum. I now currently am singing with a local band, Jack Knauer and friends and work with other vocalist in studio recordings and teaching when able. My band can be heard at and also on Youtube.
Linda M

A Little Time -
The Jack Knauer Band-
w/Linda Mate

Stay With Me
The Jack Knauer Band-
w/Linda Mate

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  • Thank you Linda for sharing your world with us. You have touched us all with your work. I cannot count how many times I have received compliments on your 'TransplantBuddies For Life' globe. Now the world can see all of your art on one page. Your art is the heart of TransplantBuddies.  Much Love, Risé

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