Dap's Heart Transplant Story

God truly blessed me on my journey. 

"Cliff's Notes Version" ~ I had a heart attack at home on 4/28/2007, paramedics took me to the local hospital where the next day I had a triple by-pass. Then I started "coding" (flat lined) .... over the next 5 days I'd code 50+ times and on 5/5/2007 I was flown to Cleveland Clinic. I continued to code another 50+ times as I was being evaluated for a transplant. I was listed on May 9th. On May 10th it was determined I wouldn't survive the wait and was scheduled for total artificial heart (Cardiowest, aka Big Blue) surgery. An hour after my wife signed the surgical consent forms, before the surgery had started, they got "the call" that a heart had been located. I went into surgery after midnight on May 11th and was transplanted. I spent the next 4 or 5 days on an ECMO machine and finally regained consciousness, after being in a coma for most of the past 3 weeks. I spent a week on a regular nursing floor and went home 4 weeks after this journey began. All thanks to my anonymous donor!

A more complete version can be read on my blog, here ~ http://my2ndheartbeat.wordpress.com/my2 ... -my-story/