Gratitude written by Nihal Jayamanne 23rd October 2012


Manus celer Dei

 The swift and sure hand of God

 plucked me from the abyss of death and

 placed me back  in the crucible of life.

Thus, with my wife and son,

 my family, relatives and friends, I still dwell.

 I still breathe the sweet air

 Oh how much sweeter it is now.

In 2009, I planted 2 Kinihiriya Trees in my garden.

When in my sick bed I lay,

 full of anguish full of pain,

 panting, gasping, clinging to life -

I remembered my Kinihiriya Trees

 and I was sad that I would not see them in bloom. 

Then, deep within my heart,

 I heard a gentle voice say

“Do not  despair, trust in me.”

-and I did.

After 4 and a ½ months in hospital

 by the mercy and grace of God

 I came home in mid February 2012

 and as I entered my home

- Behold!  Another gift from God

- A Grand Welcome,

my Kinihiriya Trees were ablaze, yellow,

 Like melting gold in the morning sun.

My soul filled with incandescent joy,

 the Spirit of God surged within my being

and tears flowed freely down my face.

Then I realized that God had not merely saved my life

 but had welcomed me to a new life.

I am here before you a living testimony

to the power, the love, the mercy and the glory of God,

and in gratitude I say ,

- thank you.

From death to life,

from despair to hope,

from fear to trust,

from falsehood to truth,

from hate to love,

from turmoil to peace.

 - Oh Lord, fill our hearts,

our world, our universe, with your eternal love.   


Nihal Jayamanne   23rd  October 2012