Heart Transplant Story by Hearttxp

Postby hearttxp » Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:20 pm

Okay I will not bore all with all my details of my Heart Txp back in april of 1998 ! But will hit the highlights.
In 1991 when I was 35 years old I had been sick most of winter. Cold cough sinus infections and such. Had many scripts from my GP and nothing seemd to work ? He told me to come in for another office visit. At this time he did my first EFG. After which he told me to go right to the local hospital that evening. He thought there was somehting wrong. Well after almost a week the local hospital they could not figure out what was wrong with me ??? Then they said they figured it out ?They told me nothng could be done for me ! Go home and I was going to die !! Well we checked out of there and went to the Cleveland Clinic. Three days later they said yes there had been a viral Infection in my Heart. It left me with limited heart function EF of 17% Normal person is +60% EF.
I was sent home and finally went back to work 6 months later. From 1991 thru late 1997 I did farily well. I few bouts of CHF (congestive Heart Faliure) But i felt I was getting weaker and mention this to my doctors ? We where going on Vaction the 2 week of 1998 and when I returned they would futher investigate my claims of feeing weak ?
well Feb 5 I was admitted into the Cleveland Clinc and would not go home for 11 weeks. With a EF of less than 10% my kidneys when starting to fail. After a few weeks the docs felt it better if I got a LVAD ( Left Vertricular assit device) Had My pump for about 5 weeks. Not without problems ???? Then on April 14 at 1:30AM I got the call. They found a heart for me. Surgery got delayed a few hours to to Tornado warning in the city where my new heart was coming from.Recieved my new heart at Noon that day. Had the vent tube out by 8:00pm that evening .What a day. Felt really good. But the next day the shit hit the fan, I did not feel anything but by 5:00pm the next day I was going into Acute Rejection. Back on the Vent and back on a assit device to pump for my now failing heart. My family was told if they could not turn this rejection around I would need another Heart. Well less than 24 hours later the mircale happened. The docs found out what was going on and reversed the rejection.
I was discharged May 1 our wedding annivesary ! Then I celebrated my 44 birthday Then I saw my son graduate from High school all before June1. October 1 that year I went back to work full time. And 14 years later I am still going strong. Finally in 2007 I decided to retire early to do something I really enjoy. I now run a fishing Charter Boat on Lake Erie all summer. None of this would be possible If not for my Donor who I only know as Geoff. Thank you to him and his family for such a wonderful gift.