Jay Lackritz Double Lung Transplant Story

It would be cool to be able to read the good, the bad, and the ugly about what our members have been through that brought us here.

For me, I wrote a small doc after my double lung transplant, since so many people wanted to hear my story. Then, a couple of years later, I added another one about my life since transplant. I originally put these docs on Google Docs, for a convenient place to keep them. Google Docs will soon be converted to Google Drive, and they offer 5GB of space for anyone who wants to store files there for sharing, so for anyone who wants a place to keep their stories, you can sign up at http://docs.google.com ( in the future, this will be at http://drive.google.com )

For me, I put my two docs here:

I also put them there in plain text:

P.S. Sorry if either of these is indecipherable or poorly written. In my defense, I wrote them years ago on short notice.