Katie Heart and Double lung Transpalnt



MY name is Katie , when I was 8 years old I was diagnoased with Primary Pulmunary Hypertention. I was young and didnt quite know what that was at the time all I knew is I was sick. I had been put on pumps and oxeygen. On August 16 , 2003 at around 4 oclock in the morning is when we got the call that my new Heart and Lungs were there .I was 11 and sooo afraid about what was going to happen but i was happy. Afterword I woke up not wanting to eat or drink anything , but nobody knew why. About a week later I kept telling people I couldnt breathe but it felt like no one would listin , until my breathing started dropping. They called a code blue and i was taken to the ICU , they found out my lungs where full of muccas and they cleaned it out right away. After that I was fine first thing I wanted was a pizza . I was sent home 2 weeks and 2 days after I had it done since i was in Saint Louis i had to stay there just in case something happined but a few months later i was able too go home. And I was fine for a few years until I was 15 and  started having very bad headachs. I was flown back too saint louis and again no one Knew what was wrong they did many test but nothing showed up. One day I was laying in my hospital bed when all of a sudden the tips of my fingers started to tingle/burn. I was afraid something else was happining i had to have me fingers in buckets of ice. The next day I had a strange feeling like my body was telling me something was wrong so the whole day I told the nurses/doctors and even my mom that something was wrong and I needed to go to the ICU but no one thought anything was wrong. Until a night nurse was walking past my room and noticed when i was turning over onto my side I was dragging my right arm, so she called the doctor and they did a cat scan on my brain. They found a blood clot on the left side of my brain and it had bursted onto the right side which made me have a stroke . After having the stroke I had to spend 83 days in the hospital which most of the time were horrible because I had lost the whole right side of my body and had to regain everything like walking and writing.  Right before they were going to let me leave they decided to do a byopcy of one of my lymph notes in my neck just to make sure everything was fine there . But it wasnt they found out I had PTLD which is a cancer that heart and lung paients can get , so I went threw atleast 4month of kemo ,  since the cancer want very bad i didnt loose my hair.After everything thats happined  to me its made me see life differently . So I just wanted people to know what ive been threw and if anyone has any questions dont be afraid to ask:) Thanks for reading!

( sorry if I spelled some words wrong )