Tom's- Liver Transplant


Hi everyone. Before my liver transplant, the wife & I went thru 2 yrs. Of hell. I went thru 8 or 9 comas & every 3 weeks I got drained 25 lbs. I was in a bad state of mind, at first I still did my walking & over the next 2 yrs. It went from fast to almost a crawl. If it wasn't for my wife I woulnt be here today.  A lot of confusion, people would come to visit me & I didn't know they were there.. The day that I got that special call, my wife was at church, & when I tried to phone here, her cell was on the kitchen counter, I panicked, started shaking, ran to a neibours in my under ware & he didn't know where the church was, finally they found my wife & she rushed home & I was shaking so bad. The Dr. Phoned me twice before my wife got home & just when she arrived at home the last call came in, this was at 10:30 in the AM. & we were at the hosp by 1:30 put me on the table at 6:30 & the Dr. phoned the wife at 4:15 in the morning The old saying is you gotta creep before you walk & that is what I did. I had a few hrs or days to live. Now I am in pretty good health, liver is doing good,blood work every Mon. I have diabetas & stage 3 kidney disease, I also have severe joint disease, sore neck, lower back & headackes. I have had all the tests & now nothing can be done I am on morphine & I am thinking of trying acue-puncher. The main thing is that I am alive & enjoying life, back into sports. I think of my donor & his family often The wife & I go thru life, one day at a time. I might have missed some situations. I hope to hear from other transplant patients, pre & post. Stay healthy, think healthy & be positive. Hugs to everybody.