Timboinoz Heart Transplant Story

Postby timboinoz » Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:01 am

It is somewhat inspiring what some of you all went through and are still enduring. My story is not unlike Capt. Mike and owned a fishing charter in the Whitsundays of sunny Queensland in Australia. Worth a visit, but don't get involved in the tourism industry. Anyway, I also enjoyed Outrigger Canoe racing and during an event some 10 years ago suffered a severe heart attack and proceeded to drown for good measure. It was a six man canoe and one of the crew brought me back from under the boat and put a few breaths into me. After my heart stopped about 8 times I was stabalised and choppered out to hospital, still in a coma. I woke up a week later with a couple of stents. Over the years my EF got worse and around 3 years ago my local cardio claimed that there "was nothing more he could do". I decided not to accept this advise and received better news in St.Vincents (Sydney). They implanted an LVAD in February 2010 after almost loosing me with a heart function of less than 8%. I was with the LVAD for 550 days until I received my new heart in August 2011 which was just as well as the pump was failing due to haemolysis with alarms constantly waking fellow patients. Been back at work now for 8 months and progressing nicely. Just having some issues with medication and thankfully all zero's on the biopsies and zero on the CT angio as well. Somedays still get the blues but I believe that most transplant buddies can attest to these feelings.

Thanks for your stories, they are helping me come to terms.