2 nd Year Heart Tx Anniversary

 Hey everyone.. Yesterday was my 2 year Anniversary of my tx, Spent good part of the day at my Txplnt center where this all started for me, Frist the LVAD heart pump, then to Cleveland where I actualy Tx. It's Amazing how  1 person can Relate and Shed a ray of hope to people who are going or about to start going through most of what I have and most of us here has gone through. It was nice to brighten the day for the hospital staff who for a few years kept me as healthy as possible untill my time came to TX. Amazed how 1 true success story, makes thier jobs seem all that more worthy that they helped get me to my miracle, Had dinner with some close friends remimissing  about the past , all the bad times and the good times and just how Healthy I actually am..   I am truly Blessed and Humbled ..


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  • Congratulations David!! My 2 yr will be this Dec. and it's just amazing I'm glad you received your gift and miracle!! I hope you are feeling like yourself now and getting stronger and getting back in the swing of things again !! Congrats David and we all have our angels looking after us!
  • Congrats - my husbands 2nd yr tx is coming up dec 26th- not only is that moment and experience etched in me but all the emotions of that time has now become part of who I am- you are blessed and humbled forever as we are
  • Congratulations on your two year anniversary.

  • Congrats David- my husband had his tx 18mos ago- we couldn't be more blessed or happier
  • Congrats David!  I hope that you celebrate many more and continue to share your experiences with others! 

  • Congratulations, David!

  • I admire the heart transplant people.Congratulations!! I am glad you are with us.
  • BEAUTIFUL DAY!!  David- Wishing you so many more beautiful anniversaries and special moments.

     By the way, do you know Dap? He reminds me of you. He is on buddies more than on this website.  See if you can connect with him.

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