From my daughter:  

“Most nights, I would wait for my dad to come home after work and visiting the hospital, so that we could have at least one meal together. Since Mom was with Trenton at the hospital, and Austin was in college, I spent much of the time by myself…When I tell people those stories, they feel badly for me, and take pity on me. Yet, when I tell them not to feel pity, that I'm used to it, and was born into it, they don't seem to understand.”  
Prior to leaving for college last month, Allie agreed to share her thoughts on being the sibling of a transplant/cancer kid.  This is her first time to discuss it publicly, and I felt it was an ideal way to begin sharing guest blogs on Still Thankful.
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David Cary is the father of a two-time heart transplant, Trenton.

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