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I have been suffering most of my life with PBC and wasn't until 2008 I found out the name of the disease that was slowly killing me. I was in stage 2 of my cirrhosis.This year in march I was chatting with my boys before bed when I started to feel cold weak and shaky all over. My boys ran to get my husband Darren. He came up to my bedroom asking what was happening to me. I had no clue what was going on and he said he was taking me to the hospital when I couldn't even move or speak without chattering my teeth. So he called the ambulance. I am the type that avoids the hospital or doctors at all costs. But this time I had no choice to go. As soon as they got me to the hospital the doctors decided to admit me for tests. After many tests they said my liver was shot and kept me on strong medication for the pain. Days went by and the doctors kept doing more tests and decided they were not letting me go home because I was so weak and my white blood cells were low. My kidneys and almost everything was affected from my PBC so bad. They had me on a ton of medication and pain relievers when they finally decided to send me home almost two months later.I was out for a week and a half when I had another episode at home. I started hallucinating and can't remember what I was doing when Darren called the ambulance again. I woke up in the hospital with my family and Darren calling me telling me to wake up and stay strong not to leave them. I had no clue what was going on and was admitted once again. This time they sent me to Vancouver hospital about two weeks after I was admitted to see what can be done for my shot liver.After so many tests they finally said that I had only two weeks or less to live. My liver was so bad it there was nothing left of it. Nothing at all. I was in the hospital almost a month and a half in Vancouver when they decided to put me on the liver transplant list and sent me back to Prince George by air ambulance. The way I got there. Well once I got to the hospital in Prince George I unpacked all my stuff when I checked my messages on my Facebook and my liver page when my step mom sent me a message telling me the Vancouver liver team had been trying to contact me and found me a liver. A perfect match!I went numb. The first thought I had was. "I didn't get to see my kids yet!" I cried the entire time I packed and sent back by plane again back to Vancouver for my liver transplant operation the next day. I was not scared of the procedure. Didn't once think of my operation but all I had in my mind were my four boys that I haven't seen for over a month and living back in Prince George the whole time I was in Vancouver.The next day I went to the operating room after saying bye to my husband and my nephew. I was wheeled into the operating room when I walked up to a doctor that was sewing my liver together. I asked. "is that my new liver?" She smiled "yes it is!" I was still in shock from actually getting the call I didn't react to what she said. I just turned and layed on the operating table as asked. They put an IV on me and stared injecting stuff into me and strapping my left arm and putting an oxygen mask on me when they were just about to inject the heavy drugs into my veins to put me to sleepWhen I stopped them asking them to undo my right arm PLEASE. ToMy Suprise they did. I blessed myself and prayed and said "I love you my babies and Darren" and told them I was ready. They proceeded with my injection when I was out. That was the last time I was sick with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.Friends have set up a fundraising page for Meat update my recovery on Facebook at
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  • I am just a month and a half post TX, and I  have been all over on my levels but think I am doing better now at 3mg. twice a day, but was all the way to 9 twice a day at the highest. I hope you get everything worked out... try to be patient... you've been through the worst of it, now it is just down to the details. I wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted!

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