Ellah's Day of Kindness

Elyssa (Ellah) was one of the gang with which Trent could relate, thanks to Camp Moss, which is a summer camp for kids with heart disease.

Edie is Elyssa’s mother. Nearly two years ago, Edie spoke to Elyssa in a Facebook post:

"I’ve come to the realization that nothing, not even the passing of time, is going to make me miss you less…When you first passed away, Dad talked often about how ‘lucky’ we were…Nurses like Sabra and Haley, who have taken care of you and loved you too, came to tell you goodbye.”

September 26th is a special day for the Jacobs family, but it can become special for many many others and you can play a part. Read how at Still Thankful


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David Cary is the father of a two-time heart transplant, Trenton.

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