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Valerie's Guardian Angel

“…when I think of Children’s, when I think of the hand we grab when we’re on the ledge, the face of Children’s, the“mother” of Children’s is you.”


So many at Children’s Health in Dallas cared for us over two decades, but the one person without whom Valerie (and thus, Trenton and I) could not survive is the woman I call “Valerie’s guardian angel.” This is my family’s love letter to her. Read it here.

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Post Liver Transplant

I am now almost two years post liver transplant. I am doing well for the most part, but most of the time I have a really full feeling in my upper abdomen. It feels like I am stuffed from eating. My abdomen gets really hard and tight feeling. Also when I have a cough due to cold or whatever I get really sore underneath and near my scar. Does anyone else have this feeling at all after two years, or is it just me? Thank you for your response.

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I am writing this blog from my personal experiences. Please do not follow against the doctors wish. ask before trying and trust your doc. This is based on what I faced before my renal transplant.1) HYPOGLYCEMIA IS FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN HYPERGLYCEMIA.When you have reduced kidney function the levels of your antidiabetic medicines are high as the excretion is low. This can cause severe HYPOGLYCEMIA and cause even death.Taking low amount of human insulin may help.I believe that controlling diabetes when you have a reduced renal function should be more based on eating less and frequently and giving more emphasis on excercise.Walking after food was very beneficial for me.2) WITH A REDUCED RENAL FUNCTION KEEPING SLIGHTLY HIGER RANGE OF SUGAR LEVEL CAN HELP PRODUCE URINE.My doc suggested me to keep the level a little high and not to try to control the diabetes very tightly as it help producing URINE.3) IF YOU HAVE GOOD AMOUNT OF URINE ASK YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT WATER INTAKE.My doc suggested to continue taking water and not to limit it as it may help level at that point was creat.-6.7When i reduced my water intake the rise in creatinine was faster from 9 to 14 in 5 months.4) KEEPING SLIGHTLY HIGHER BLOOD PRESSURE WAS GOOD FOR ME.I never tried to control my blood pressure very aggressively. My doc suggestions was to keep it around 140/90,a little higher.I will add more points in free time. I hope that people who are fighting kidney failure will fight off the situation.....
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Purolator Air Filters



My 2nd Heartbeat

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