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Macular Degeneration after Kidney Tx

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः। सर्वे भद्रणिपश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःख भाग भवेत्॥
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helping others

    My name is Lynne Robitaille, my daughter Lauren Meizo received her gift of life on Dec. 29, 2013.  My daughter had to be hospitalized with a PA line during her wait, so I lived in the hospital with her for months on end.  During that time I wrote in a journal daily to help with the frustrations and pain.  Since then I have turned my journal into a book to help others who are in the same situation we were in to let them know they are not alone. I also wanted people to understand what it means to hear the words heart failure, and what happens.  What it is like to be accepted and placed on the transplant list.

   My book is called "Strength in a Heartbeat, Diary of a Heart Transplant". which is selling on amazon also you can find it on my site which I write a blog about organ donation.
   I would feel blessed if you could help me reach others so we could help in their journey.
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Hurricane Irma

To everyone in Irma’s path, please stay safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God watch over and protect you.

~ DAP @ My2ndHeartBeat

“Sometimes it’s just easier to let God take you through the storm, than to go around it by yourself.”


“The person that dances with you in the rain, will most likely walk with you in the storm.”


“I hear hurricanes a blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowing
I hear the voice of rage and ruin

Well don’t go around tonight
Well it’s bound to take your life
There’s a bad moon on the rise, oh right”

Credence Clearwater Revival, Bad Moon Rising


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Purolator Air Filters

My 2nd Heartbeat

Transplant News


                     Transplant News


Thank You

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Looking for My Kidney Hero

My dear Friend Susy - a double lung transplant survivor is in need of a Kidney Angel (O positive blood type).  If you can be Susy's Hero- contact her at Thank You So Much!

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