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Hello Everyone, I am sure we all having the best time of our life and we must enjoy every bit of it.I went to Opthamalogists (Eye specialist) as I was having bit of haziness in vision when I stepped out speacilly in light where as my vision is still 6/6 and no issue as such.I was advised that I am on initial stage of "Steriod Induced Cataract" which is generally the case with many transplantees due to Wysolone (omnacortil) and eventually it leads sort of blurred/hazy vision and have to undergo Cataract surgery.I was trying google and find info on the same, but I will appreciate if the friends over here can spread some light on this. Of course the technical advise is Dr. Only but if at all anyone has been through this than what's the it can be stopped where it is aswysolone will continue as of now as the Dr. Has suggested.Any info appreciated.Stay healthy & keep smiling
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Happy Mother's Day

“Love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark … to have been loved so deeply …. will give us some protection forever.”  

J.K. Rowling

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our incredible Moms!

Mothers Day

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The Journey to the Beginning

I used to dance to Journey, and REO Speedwagon…and the Bee Gees, but thankfully none of it was captured on video, so no epic fails (like my hair).


How can you “dance” on a journey that includes heart transplants and cancer on the way to graduating college? It can be done.  Read about Trenton’s educational journey which has led him to graduating college this weekend.  Click here

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Prograf Hair Loss

Hello everyone!!  I know I posted this awhile back but unfortunately I can't find my section .... I've had my 2nd kidney transplant in November 2016 and have been taking 1.5mg twice a day of Prograf and my hair is falling out like crazy!!  I have been using Nioxin and then Rogaine and its still falling out.  I'm at my wit end and can't figure out what else to do?   I really don't want to switch different meds because my creatinine level has been so good!  I'm also on Cellcept 250mg FOUR times a day.   Does being on Cellcept causing hair to fall out too or just Prograf and what else can I do to keep my hair from falling out?  I have short hair.  

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10 Years

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)

e.e. cummings; i carry your heart with me


Today is a bittersweet day. Very emotional. It touches me deep in my soul.

Ten years ago today I was the blessed recipient of a stranger’s heart. A stranger that has become a beautiful friend inside of my body. We have bonded in a way that leaves me at a loss for words.

If I had to explain what today means to me in a single word, I’d have to use the word LOVE.

Certainly LOVE for my donor, who has touched my soul and changed my life forever, and his or her family.

LOVE for my family.

LOVE for my friends.

LOVE for the large group of world class people that worked so valiantly to save my life (and continue to help me and watch over me)

Love for this incredible journey and the people that have touched me with their love.

And, most importantly, the Love of God. With God, ALL things are possible.

Ten years today …….. an incredible journey filled with LOVE.

I know I’ll smile and I’ll cry today ……. smiles and tears filled with love, and with total gratitude.

Two hearts, believing in just one mind
Beating together till the end of time
You know we’re two hearts believing in just one mind
Together forever till the end of time

~ Phil Collins; Two Hearts


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Purolator Air Filters

My 2nd Heartbeat

Transplant News


                     Transplant News




Looking for My Kidney Hero

My dear Friend Susy - a double lung transplant survivor is in need for a Kidney Angel (O positive blood type).  If you can be Susy's Hero- contact her at Thank You So Much!

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