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Inside discussions relating to system issues, the words malware, spy ware, as well as computer viruses are often used interchangeably. The correct eradication of any of these kinds of problems calls for the use of correct elimination software. The removal programs are generally called antivirus or anti malware software. Even though harmful programs are available in many forms, they're developed for a single purpose and that is to wreak destruction within the computer. They can delete important documents, rob data, interrupt applications or even damage the computer completely. That is why you should be alert on how to eliminate these system safety risks efficiently.

The term malware is acronym for malicious software package. It involves all forms of computer infections like viruses and spyware. A spyware will be a form of malware that features the capacity to rob vital data on your computer. Other forms of malware involve ad ware, rootkits, keyloggers, malevolent cookies, as well as data transfer blocking programs. The most widespread form of malicious software is a computer virus. The computer virus may corrupt and ruin essential data inside your computer system as well as duplicate and pass on itself to other computers on the networking system of personal computers. Viruses could affix themselves inside email messages and the address book option of people, making the process of reproduction faster and threatening.

A different version of the computer system virus is the Trojan horse. Just like the Trojan horse of ancient Greek mythology, Trojan horse could conceal in widespread records like music files, photos, movies, and also within the average looking email note. The files seem so very innocent that you will not have any concerns prior to opening up these. After you open these afflicted computer files, the Trojan horse virus is going to launch itself, propagate and multiply inside your computer system. The outcome would be a sluggish and less responsive system.

It almost doesn’t make a difference if the malware removing application or antimalware is provided for free or not, as infections can conveniently hide themselves from them. The prevailing malevolent software products are becoming lot more smart as time goes by. Hence, it's really difficult to find and kill these kinds of applications. You can't conveniently erase all of them because they can leave behind registry entries that will recreate them. Moreover, they could reproduce as well as affix themselves to interim folders as well as other areas of computer systems to avoid being deleted in case you restart the computer system. One common remedy for this kind of issue is by restarting the system using safe mode of computer. Through the safe mode of computer, you could get rid of these kinds of applications manually without dreading that they will increase in numbers yet again and produce pc registry entries.

The quantity of anti virus applications as well as anti malware programs has grown tremendously over the past twenty years. Yet not all of them may get rid of all kinds of malicious software, especially intelligent malware. Only some anti-virus and antivirus programs are proven to conquer the nastiest viruses and worms. The good system defense and security applications are updated regularly. Hence, you need to choose a software program that is modified consistently by the developer. This kind of program may be better prepared to cope with newest risks of computers.

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My wife's first "birthday"

On June 18th, 2011 Lisa received a kidney/pancreas transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. We are going to spend her first birthday back in Rochester for her one year checkup. Lisa has 3 full days of appointments scheduled. I will also be busy, I am getting worked up to be a kidney donor. We both get to start peeing in a jug on Sunday :)

It hasn't been an easy year, Lisa has had to make four more trips back to the hospital since the transplant. Twice with me driving like crazy, once in the back of an ambulance and once in a small plane (she doesn't remember much about those trips, but I do).

But the last few months have gone really well. I think the worst is behind us, at least for now. Here's a recent picture of Lisa with our two grand daughters. The youngest one was born in December, just a few days after Lisa got home from having a hip replacement surgery. In fact, she got out of the hospital on her birthday (the original one) and the new grandbaby was born four days later.

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2 nd Year Heart Tx Anniversary

 Hey everyone.. Yesterday was my 2 year Anniversary of my tx, Spent good part of the day at my Txplnt center where this all started for me, Frist the LVAD heart pump, then to Cleveland where I actualy Tx. It's Amazing how  1 person can Relate and Shed a ray of hope to people who are going or about to start going through most of what I have and most of us here has gone through. It was nice to brighten the day for the hospital staff who for a few years kept me as healthy as possible untill my time came to TX. Amazed how 1 true success story, makes thier jobs seem all that more worthy that they helped get me to my miracle, Had dinner with some close friends remimissing  about the past , all the bad times and the good times and just how Healthy I actually am..   I am truly Blessed and Humbled ..


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craving new foods or new habits

I recieved a kidney and pancreas from a 23 year old woman last march. after the surgery i had strange cravings for foods that i nevr reall eat before. I also started to get lax in doing things . I haave spoken to my donorsMother and she confermed that her daughter Heather did enjoy the foods that i wanted.

Has anyone had this cellular memory issur before?( (cellular memory is the theory that every cell has a mrmory even plants and that some transplant recip have experienced feelings and likes of there donors.






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HELP!!!! I will be losing my insurance!!

Hey all - I need some info/advice if you don't mind.  I am not quite 6 months post pancreas transplant, and will be losing my health insurance more than likely.  I am likely ending up in divorce court soon (Gee, thanks for your love and suppost during the transplant and afterwards, jerk, lol) ANYWAY, he carries my health insurance, and I do not have insurance offered theough my job.  I know when I was deemed "diabetic", I had to go theoughthe state of Illinois and use their ICHIP (Illinois Comprehensive Health Ins. Plan), which was quite costly, but when you need insurance, cost does not apply.  Does anyone know if private insurance companies hold the same discriminatory policies against providing an individual plan for post transplant patients as they do pre-existing Type 1 diabetics?  Any suggestions of who maight want to provid coverage fpr me? If not, I better start trying to go through the State now, so I get it in the next 3 years!!!!

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Side effects

I am one year post transplant (liver) and have stomach pain and insomnia and joint pain. I figure these are most likely side effects ofmeds. Does this ever go away?
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Free therapy!

I have started 57 blogs and have yet to keep one going.  I'm not sure where to start or stop a post.  I'm a post  (I guess I am beginning with post!) kidney/pancreas "diabetic" (what do I call myself: a recovering diabetic?) of 3 years.  November 13, 2008 is my re-birthday and although I try and celebrate each day, that date is almost sacred to me. 

I'm the 2nd to the youngest of 4 children (2 brothers and 1 sister) and Auntie Kim to 4 nephews and 3 nieces.  Grew up in Preston, ID.  A town of about 4300 when I lived there.  One stop light, one convenience store, one grocery store, 50,000 churches and many people who like to blab and they know your parents!  My graduating class was 120-ish and we knew each other from K to 12th.  I honestly craved anonymity and never quite felt at home in such a small community. 

I did grow up very fortunate, my family, my friends, relatives living up and down the block, I was so shy though, I .

I have had an e.d. for as long as I can remember.  I was in my late teens before it registered that I could actually lose weight if I ate junk and took a miniscule dose of insulin.  I can honestly say I never really felt "well" (physically and mentally).  I did have youth on my side when I attended a year of business school and 2 years at a junior college (graduate?  why no, I was too busy not getting caught, doing whatever, to go to class)!  After 2 years in Idaho's version of Siberia, I packed up my Chevette and drove to L.A.  I can remember looking at "rentals"

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Green tea

My transplant coordinator said I can't drink green tea with the anti rejection meds.  Does anyone know about this?  I don't drink hot tea but Arizona diet tea with Splenda, green tea and ginseng.  I drink it so I can get in all of my liquids every day.  I am pre transplant double lung tx.  On the list for 2 weeks now.

Judy in florida

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being a patient

i remember getting the call they had a liver for me . i jumped in my old car and drove the 260 miles to the hospital going 80mph the whole way .it felt like the angels picked my car up and floated me there. i beat the liver to the one minute im at the end of life stage with blue lips and fingernailsand the next minute im knocked out and wake up with a new all happened so fast faster than my brain could wrap around it .i freaked!i dont know if it was the high doses of prednisoneand then i immediatly became diabetic from that .id watch the other patients walking down the hall so calm  and id be in the bed hearing voices and being very paranoid.i even kept trying to escape everyday theyd put me in a different room to confuse me .it took a week and i finally snapped out of it.let me just say 5 yrs later and the nurses on the transplant floor still remember me.and everytime i see my surgeon he still laughs about it  so now im in stage 4 again with the new liverand im hoping im a better patient next time .at least now ill know whats going on . i hope.

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on the list for double lung tx

I cannot find where to communicate other than chat room. Something must be wrong with me. 

Any help much appreciated. Will try the chat if i remember.

Judy on the list in Tampa for double lung

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Teenage Life.

Being a Transplant Teen isn't easy. You go through stages where you feel like a normal teenager, then you go through stages that you think nobody cares. Friends, Parents, Teachers or anyone. Within the stages of transitioning to an Adult after being taken care of by my parents for the past 18 years of my life, I am starting to go through with trying to be more mature and showing them that I can do a lot of these things on my own. Which I can. But sometimes I feel like they don't think I can do everything on my own. It's frustrating, because yet I am in the process of finishing High School, trying to figure out what i'm doing with my life, but again, I always have to worry about whether or not I am going to need another transplant in the future. Because of having this blockage in my liver for so long, I get nervous and tend to think well what if? Through all this I have been dealing with some anxiety and depression. Which has taken somewhat over of what I was when I was little. Realizing more things, thinking about more things and so on and so forth. There are so many things that I want to do, but then again i'm not sure if i will be able to do them. I sometimes feel like I am torn within myself to trying to go both ways of being still a child and transitioning into an adult. Yes being a child was somewhat easy but when you are dealing with hospitals every time you turn around, your childhood becomes somewhat shot. So it feels like now I am trying to not only try to become an adult but also try to makeup for missed time of being a kid. I know I will get through this hard time, it just takes time and a lot of lessons to get through it. 

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Great vacation this past weekend

I had a really amazing time this past weekend spending time in the North Carolina mountains.  I love the area and it's probably my all time favorite vacation spot.  Did some hiking and took a lot of video of different sites.  Part of the reason for getting away (besides some R&R) was visiting several of the sites where they filmed The Hunger Games movie that just came out this past weekend.  It was a great time overall.

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How Can We Eliminate the Waitlist?

Allowing organ donors to receive monetary incentives for donation has been debated for years.  In attempts to honor ethical concerns regarding buying organs, such as honoring the human body, protecting potential donors, and preventing donation for only monetary gains, the current system offers little protection to living kidney donors.  In an effort to maintain an altruistic motive for donation, multiple disincentives and barriers for donors currently exist.  Meanwhile, the wait list continues to grow each year with thousands of people dying without receiving an organ.  In addition, we may never know the number of potential donors lost due to barriers.

Living donors do not benefit from the current system.  Little help is available to assist with out of pocket expenses related to the donating process.  Donors are not guaranteed any short or long term protection.   For the sake of maintaining altruistic motives for donation, the donor receives many disadvantages for performing such a wonderful gift of life.  Meanwhile, the need for organs continues to increase.

Since current measures to increase donation have not been effective, it is debated whether monetary reimbursements could impact the number of donors.  Proposals to remain within the NOTA as it is written link any donor compensation to the donors risks.  They vary from providing donors with different benefits such as life insurance, health insurance, and cash.  Some also include follow-up care to allow data collection to assess for long-term risk. The overall costs of providing donor safety measures, while acknowledging their unmet needs, is estimated between $23,000 and $33,000.  This still saves the healthcare system over $50,000 by someone receiving a transplant versus being on dialysis.

I am conducting a study to examine the opinion and experiences of previous living kidney donors and kidney transplant recipients. Little has been devoted to study donor or recipient perspectives or the current donation process and policies.  The opinion and life experiences of donors and recipients should provide valuable information about the positive and negatives in the current system.  This information can be used to help reshape the future transplant system.  The “wait” needs to be eliminated from the deceased donor kidney transplant wait list.

Your opinion counts, please complete the survey:


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From the Street to the clouds

Born and raised up in Paterson, NJ where the most I knew about life is the block I would chill out at... Drinking everyday, smoking everyday, living selfishly not caring for a thing in the world without the power of God.... I was only heading in the direction of the life I was heading; a hospital... Thinking that I was right all along that God didn't exist cuz look where I was at... needing a kidney to live. After going through the dark stages of life, I finally saw some light when I realized maybe what happened to me wasn't punishment but help. The help I needed to realize that needing a kidney to live was the exact thing I needed all along, a second chance at life... After reading and reading and reading, i finally saw something in this world that finally solidified my feeling for all my trauma; 

"No, the trauma you faced was not easy.
And God wept that it hurt you so;
But it was allowed to shape your heart
So that into His likeness you'd grow."

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Purolator Air Filters

My 2nd Heartbeat

Transplant News


                     Transplant News


Looking for My Kidney Hero

My dear Friend Susy - a double lung transplant survivor is in need of a Kidney Angel (O positive blood type).  If you can be Susy's Hero- contact her at Thank You So Much!

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