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Loyalty reward programs for certain transplant meds

I'm not sure if anyone is aware of it, but Astellas and Roche have redemption programs for the drugs Prograf and Cellcept.  As a recipient of a kidney/pancreas tx (3/17/2003) I have always been on these meds.  They can be costly; so any way you might be able to save some money is always a great thing.  You can receive up to $200/perscription for Prograf and up to $100/perscription for Cellcept.  I just wanted to put it out there for those unaware of the programs.  Call 866-790-7659 to sign up for Prograf Loyalty Rewards and call 877-509-2235 for the Cellcept Redemption Program.  If you have any questions just drop me a note.  



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What the heck

So I've been back for another day. Flew in back from Indy yesterday, it felt really good to be back home. Spoke to an amazing lady on the flight from Denver, to San Fran. She changed my life, and I hope I see her soon, like now! I even found her attractive, very attractive, for her age. I can tell she's had her heart broken, just as I have gone through. We felt for each other, and after the whole flight with my arm around her, and even a kiss on the cheek later, it was over and we parted our ways. I couldn't believe what happened afterwards. I was dumbfounded, still am. I'm glad we spoke. Makes me want to travel again.

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November Patient of the Month: Diana Green


In May of 2011, doctors discovered a small tumor on Diana Green's liver, and she was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of liver cancer. In only three months, the tumor had quadrupled in size; soon after, she underwent two rounds of a localized form of chemotherapy that cut off the blood supply to the tumor. These procedures were difficult for Diana to endure, and she spent days recovering and regaining her strength after each one. Doctors now say a liver transplant is essential to her survival.

This mother of three and grandmother of two is determined to overcome this health challenge. She loves animals and has a passion for gardening. As the head grower at a local hospital's greenhouse, she is blessed to have a career in something she loves so much. After receiving her diagnosis, she followed her doctor's advice and began following a strict organic diet and eliminating nearly all the chemicals from her home. Diana has cut sugar out of her diet and is doing everything possible to slow down--or even reverse--the cancer that is attacking her body. More than anything, she wants to spend many more years watching her young granddaughters grow up. But she needs your help.

To read more about Diana or to make a donation to NFT to help with her expenses, visit her web page on the NFT site.

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October Transplant Birthdays

Happy new birthday to our patients who received lifesaving transplants last month!

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The Power of Two Movie in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Announcing the transplant documentary film, The Power of Two, is showing THIS WEEKEND 11/6/11 at 11AM at Cinema Paradiso as part of the Ft Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival. See to see the trailer for this touching film about the twin bond, hope, survival and the miracle of new life in two countries - the USA and Japan, where transplants are controversial and taboo. See for information on this weekend's screening in Ft. Lauderdale.
For future screenings in Portland, New York, St. George, Utah, Boston and other cities, see: Thank you! Please post on Transplant Buddies wall! THank you!

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hi all of you

hi dear,

how are you? iam vishvas vanjare residency india last year my doughter liver transplant at banglore.

after transplant very highly dose are giving my doughter.8 mg per day give drag.medicine is very cousaly.

i am not full fill requirment of she.

i want help me any body.because tablet was very cosuly.if any body help me i am donet my organ for him.

if any body want organ contact me.

because i love my doughter.

thank you


vishvas c vanjare







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Happy Birthday to me

Tomorrow will be my restart date and I am doing good and feeling really well.  I feel like have a new lease on life and I am trying to take advantage of it.
Doing the little things that most take for granted mean so much to me now. Whethet it is walking to the mail box without a tank or like this morning I scraped my wife's car windows (for the past ten years she had to scrape mine because I couldn't tolerate the cold). To those who recently had a transplant and those who are waiting, keep a positive mental state and know  it only gets better for the majority of us Take care and God Bless.

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Sunday Update

Sunday update:


We have added more questions to the My Place profile section on Transplant Friends located top of all pages.    When you have some time, please visit and update your page.


We also added the following groups:  I Love My Pet,  The Guys,  Girl Talk,  Transplant No-No's,

Share Connections,  Energy Medicine,  Proud Parent,  Job Hunting after Tx,  LOL with Your Buddies,

I Did It My Way  and much more.


If you are curious about our Chat Room please sign up and join our chat group.  We will send out announcements from time to time to remind you to join us during our Live chats.


The following are the NEW Daily chat times for around the world.


US /Canada Eastern- 9:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 8:00 PM

Greenwich- 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 1:00 Am

Hong Kong / Perth- 5:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 4:00 PM


Choose the time that works best for you. If you want to lead a chat please send a message to Hostess Rise'.


Have a safe Halloween!


Just remember- you Matter to us! 


Hostess Rise'


"Like" us on Facebook"

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Subclinical rejection

howdy from down under 13months ago my fantastic amazing wife made a big sacrifce for me and every thing has been great . we even celerbrated our 12 month anniversery with a family holiday to fiji.sice than i had my 12 monthly biopsy and all manner of other test . and i am having a subclinical rejection  which means i have know physical signs of rejection creat 119 wcc 8.5 no high bpany one back on meth pred and feel like crap feels like i have gone back in time . 

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Kari's Klimbers-Revive Hope blog

"This is one of my favorite pictures in the whole, wide world!!! Can you feel the joy and excitement in this picture? (Probably because they were around the 7th floor and not thinking about the 87 they had left to climb!) These are Kari’s friends –" Steve Ferkau

read more about this special crowd of people.
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A beautiful connection

My grandmothers birthday was a few days ago. She is no longer with us and I miss her very much.

For some reason, I am able to have frequent dreams about her where she is alive and trying to communicate with me.    Well this morning, I awoke in tears because I heard her say, "can you help me, I fell down."


When I woke up, I was filled with emotion while trying to connect my feelings by analyzing the dream in more detail.  Obviously, I feel guilty for not being there for her.  I then realized how powerful the guilty feelings felt.

 The feelings of guilt brought a very intense loving feeling for her. I also believe that all of the feelings for my Grandma where a reflection on how I feel about myself.


The tears subsided, I shared my dream with my husband and told him all the details. I then told him what a great joy and gift to feel sad and miss our loved ones.  Sadness connects us to our deep connection of love within.  


Without all of these feelings of anger, fear, guilt, we would not appreciate what is lying beneath which in many cases is love.  Opening up and letting go and letting love in is so important.  I tend to hold back and not express myself enough (in person).


I look forward to my next dream. By the way, I was asking my Grandmother to visit me via my dreams and heal me from the lack of sleep.  Well, I woke up rested and filled with energy.


Good day all,


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October Transplant Friends News

Hello all,

Wishing you all a beautiful day!
Here is a brief update:

There have been some changes to this site which we hope will make navigating this website a whole lot easier.

We added more questions that will enable you to narrow down category specifics to find friends with like-minded interests to you.

To update these changes, click top header "My Place".
When the page opens up Click Settings- right side of the home page where you sign in and out.
Always click SAVE when you are finished making any change to your page.

For all the new members that have recently joined us, there is a video on the home page
that will explain how to navigate this website. Accept the challenge and have fun.
Once you become familiar with this website you will find it to be a breeze.

We just launched our first "Like" Facebook Fan page. If you are a facebook
fan please visit and if you really like us-share our page with your friends.
I would be more than happy to do the same for you. TransplantBuddies & Friends

Feel free to send me a message anytime by visiting Hostess Rise' page.

Let us all wish one another happy and healthy thoughts,
Rise' Pine
creator and founder of
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Painting Day !!

Heading down to my daughters new house to do more painting.I'm only good for 4-5 hours anymore. I think it's a toss up between lack of energy and lack of interest. The lack of energy excuse gets me out of there early though !!

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Inspiration to 'Hope To Be' Transplant Recipients!

Hello Everyone!

I would like to celebrate my 38th anniversary as a kidney recipient ( Oct. 26th. 1973 ) by starting this blog.

To be sure - there are many thoughts and emotions that come along with such a milestone in time. My intent in bringing attention to my anniversary is to bring Hope to the many waiting for their transplant - or those recent recipients - Hope for a successful stable period of years with your new kidney!

I assure you, I realize, many people do not reach such time frames as 38 years with one kidney Xplant. ( Xplant will = 'Transplant' when used in my blog ) However, more and more are seeing longer periods of 'life' from their grafts. So, I suggest we all EXPECT the Best Possible Outcome AND WORK for it! I assure you...

...YOU are the Greatest FACTOR in the results You will have in KEEPING Your New Kidney!

Yes, there are many who contributed to your arrival to the status "Kidney Xplant Recipient"! It could not have happened without many people in your life actively investing in your outcome to this point. However, after all the Thank You's and Hugs and well deserved they are ... When these are through... The Future is mostly in your hands! You will wake up, alone, everyday. We all do - right? And with that Gift of Life inside you - YOU WILL FEEL DIFFERENT about EVERYTHING!

You must prepare mentally, as well as physically, for the challenge of CARING for Your Gift - 24/7 - all day... ...Every Day!

When I return I will discuss why a 'Positive Attitude' is NOT the only attitude for Success after your Xplant.

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Good Afternoon All,


I just had a question for those of you who have donated. Have any of you developed seizures after your donation?

A year after I donated my kidney I fell to the ground at work shaking uncontrollably for almost 5 minutes, they told me I had had a seizure. I have never had seizures before and don't understand why they are now happening. I have now been diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctors at the transplant center had me in to talk but they say it has nothing to do with the donation. I have NEVER regretted donating my kidney and I NEVER will, I would do it again if I could for another. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had them.



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October Patient of the Month: Ralph Guy


In 2003, Ralph was diagnosed with chronic lymphoma leukemia. He began treatment in 2007, and his cancer was in remission by the following year. Sadly, the disease returned last year, and doctors say a stem cell transplant is critical to his survival. Ralph's family knows the devastating effects of cancer all too well, as two of his siblings are also afflicted by forms of leukemia. Some of Ralph's siblings are currently being tested to see if they could be a donor match for his lifesaving transplant.

His three adult daughters and young granddaughter can't help but worry about his health, and he looks forward to returning to his old self so he can spend many more years with his family. This Vietnam veteran loves to cook, travel and fish when his health allows, and he is proud to have worked for the U.S. Federal Government for more than 40 years. He is determined to overcome this health battle and enjoy his retirement years. But he needs your help.

To learn more about Ralph or to make a donation to NFT in his honor, please visit his web bio on the NFT site.

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September Transplant Birthdays

Happy new birthday to our patients who received lifesaving transplants last month! We're so excited and wish them all a speedy recovery. To learn more about NFT and the patients we help, visit


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Vote for Organ Donor Night in the 2011 MiLB Awards!

Last month, NFT partnered with the Memphis Redbirds for Organ Donor Night at AutoZone Park! The team wore organ-themed jerseys, and NFT staff members were on hand to register organ donors. It was a great evening, complete with a fireworks show after the game!

Now, you have the chance to help Organ Donor Night win the MiLB award in the Best Theme Night Category. Voting ends Thursday, October 13, and you can vote up to 25 times a day. Please vote every day to help raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

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Purolator Air Filters

My 2nd Heartbeat

Transplant News


                     Transplant News




Looking for My Kidney Hero

My dear Friend Susy - a double lung transplant survivor is in need for a Kidney Angel (O positive blood type).  If you can be Susy's Hero- contact her at Thank You So Much!

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